Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

There’s a constitutional election tomorrow, November 5th, and you should vote! Why, you ask? Because it’s important! (Seriously.) Here’s what’s on the ballot:

The big ones:

  • Propositions 1 & 4 provide extra support for military families and disabled veterans in Texas. Wendy Davis, Leticia Van De Putte, and others have endorsed these propositions.
  • Proposition 5 would allow seniors to use reverse mortgages to help purchase homes. Texas is currently the only state that doesn’t currently allow seniors to use reverse mortgages. Prop 5 is endorsed by the AARP and other groups, and you can read more about it in the Texas Tribune here.
  • Proposition 6 provides for the creation of a State Water Fund. You can read a great opinion piece on Prop 6 over at the Burnt Orange Report, and it’s also endorsed by the Sierra Club.

The other ones: 

  • Proposition 2 gets rid of two obsolete structures, the State Medical Education Board and State Medical Education Fund, neither of which is operational. I endorse this one!
  • Proposition 3 has to do with extra tax exemptions for aircraft parts in Texas. It’s Republican Linda Harper-Brown’s pet project, but I personally don’t have a problem with it. You can read more about it from the Texas Association of Manufacturers here and from the Burnt Orange Report here. My dad’s a pilot and I’m partial to the airline industry in general, so I’m voting for this one.
  • Proposition 7 (this one is really in the weeds) authorizes home-rule municipalities to hold a vote to decide if they want to fill municipal vacancies by appointment. Basically, if someone drops out, they don’t have to go through an election just to fill the spot. I don’t have a problem with Prop 7, but BOR raises a few concerns.
  • Proposition 8 would repeal the Texas Constitution’s maximum tax rate for a Hidalgo County hospital district so that they could equal the tax rate laws in every other Texas county. This would increase funding for hospitals in Hidalgo County, and I support it. You can read more about Prop 8 on BallotPedia
  • Proposition 9 would expand the types of sanctions that may be assessed against a judge or justice. I support this one, too. Checks and balances, y’all.

I’m voting in favor of all of the proposed amendments tomorrow, but you should follow your heart and vote however you want. For official info about what’s on the ballot, check out this statement on the Texas Secretary of State website.

If you live in Austin, you should also know that there’s a housing bond election (Austin Affordable Housing Bonds) that will help increase access to affordable housing in Austin. I’m for this. Further, Mark Strama is not running for HD 50, and there are 3 Democratic candidates vying to take his place. I’m voting for Celia Isreal.

Again, follow your heart when you cast your ballot, just don’t forget to cast your ballot! You can find your polling place here Don’t forget your photo ID

One thought on “Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

  1. Jon Hillman says:

    Gday Jess, I’m glad to see you have the pic of you with our ‘coathanger’ in the background still on your site. I’m also very pleased to see so many progressive propositions coming forward in the state of Texas! If I could vote in Texas then I would vote for them all too. Keep up the great work Jess.
    Jon Hillman (Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA)

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