I’m back!

Howdy y’all, I’m back in Texas! After a long, tough fight we ended up losing the federal election, but we held onto plenty of good members of parliament that would have been lost without such a strong campaign. Considering the impossible odds we were up against, I’d say our efforts were a success!

I had a great time and met some wonderful people in Australia (some of whom now follow this blog!), but it is very, very good to be home. I’ve spent the last little while getting my life in Austin back on track and reconnecting with my beautiful beagle Daisy. To wrap up the campaign, I’m also helping put together a legacy report that will analyze everything we did, explain what worked well, and identify areas to improve on next time. 

I haven’t had much time yet for anything else yet, but I’m overjoyed to be home and am excited to get back to the business of fighting for a fairer, better Texas! 

4 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Cunninghampeach says:

    Jessica, I am happy to hear that you are home, and about the

    great job you did in Australia. Hurry and get some rest.

    Wendy will be making her big announcement on Oct 3. I have been helping Deanne Zurovetz pass out information about the Affordable Health Insurance. [ Obamacare ] Its great to hear from you, get some rest so you can get busy again.We will need you !! Georgia

  2. Jon says:

    Gday Jess,
    I and many others enjoyed your company and appreciated your activism in Australia. Say gday to your dog for us and have a brief rest and then best of luck helping to get up one of the great reforms of recent decades…’ObamaCare’. Huru4now, Jon H

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