Understanding Facebook EdgeRank

Creating a Facebook page for your organization can be a great way to communicate with supporters and promote your cause, but often even people who Like your page won’t see your posts. This is because Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to hide boring stories and highlight interesting ones. Understanding Facebook EdgeRank will help you create more engaging content and organize more effectively online.

EdgeRank =  Weight x Affinity x Time Decay 


Different types of posts have different weights, and posts that weigh more are more likely to show up on newsfeeds. Photos weigh more than links, and links weigh more than plain text. Comments and likes also add weight to a post, so a plain text post that generates a lot of comments and likes would weigh more than a photo that doesn’t get any comments or likes.


Affinity predicts how much a particular user cares about something–in this case, your posts. Affinity scores are based on how much the user interacts with your content, so users who comment and like your content frequently have higher affinity scores and are more likely to see your posts in their newsfeeds. Affinity scores only work one-way, so if you frequently like things President Obama posts he’ll show up in your news feed but you wont show up in his (sorry).

Time Decay

The older a post is, the less likely it is to show up in newsfeeds. Simple!


Now that you know what EdgeRank is, stay tuned for some Facebook best practices to maximize your EdgeRank potential and take your online organizing to new heights! If you have any questions about EdgeRank or Facebook more generally feel free to post them in the comments section below.

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