I stand with Texas women

I can’t rally with the hundreds of strong women and men fighting for women’s rights in the Texas Capitol, but I did share my story with Senator Wendy Davis to support her efforts to filibuster SB5 tomorrow:

My name is Jessica, I’m a Texan. I was born in Corpus Christi and I graduated from Vista Ridge Highschool in Cedar Park, just a few minutes north of Austin up 183. I was raised on Dublin Dr. Pepper and Friday night football, and I’m proud of the world-class education I’m getting right here at home at the University of Texas at Austin.

I am a Texas woman, and I am a woman of God. My faith informs me that all life is sacred, but my constitution informs me that what goes on between me, my uterus, and my God, is none of your damn business. My female reproductive system is not within your jurisdiction to govern because you are not the voice of God, you are the voice of the people, and the people say no to SB5.

If you’re with us, share yours too.

Tune in on Twitter tomorrow to lend your virtual support!

P.S.: Read this Texas Tribune Article to get caught up on how it all started, and check out these pictures from the abortion debate at the Texas Capitol.

One thought on “I stand with Texas women

  1. Steven Braudt says:

    As a Christian Man, I completely agree with you. Since I am not a woman, and will thus never bear children I am aghast as to why male legislatures feel as if they have the right to an opinion on this matter. However, the difficulty I have with abortion is that it is still subsidized through tax payer funds. You may personally be against the practice, but are forced to participate in and enable it involuntarily. If we are truly to be pro-choice, then why force countless others by law to pay for a very personal and private decision? Could private charities not be formed for women who have decided to pursue this option but lack the monetary means?

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