Australia Update

Texans, I’ve been busy! There’s been so much going on that I’ve barely had a chance to catch my breath, but I’m having fun and learning so much that breathing seems a little overrated anyway.

The candidate training I mentioned in the last post was a huge undertaking, but well worth the effort. Candidates and their staff joined us to go over some general strategy in the morning and then attended some smaller specialized sessions in the afternoon, so each campaign was able to tailor the training to their needs. Before we got down to business, Prime Minister Julia Gillard addressed the room and reminded everyone what we’re fighting for. I met the Prime Minister after she spoke, and it was the highlight of my day.

Jess and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard enjoying delicious tea at the New South Wales Candidate Training Day in Parramatta

In addition to helping run nightly phone banks and organizing some really cool volunteer events at Campaign HQ I’ve also been involved in rolling out our new campaign website,, and setting up the Whitlam Fellowship Program. I’m very excited about both of these projects and I think they’re going to help drive volunteer involvement here even more.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the video on the home page of the website–one of the stars might look familiar! I’m also writing for the I’m In! blog, so you can read more about what we’re up to and see some pictures of where I’m working if you’re interested.

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