Working Late

It’s about 1:00 am here and I’m getting a little more work done from home before the big candidate training day tomorrow. I’ll do a separate post about that later, which will probably be more interesting, but I had to write a quick update now because today I discovered some of the best tasting, least healthy food in Australia.

The first major breakthrough of the day was a surprisingly delicious BBQ Ham and Cheese pretzel from a fast-food pretzel shop in the train station in Parramatta. Patrick and I stopped there for a snack before commuting back to Sydney CBD and, judging by my relentless pretzel cravings, I think I’ll be stopping there on a regular basis. Don’t worry, I also got a loyalty card so every 8th pretzel will be free.

My second discovery is a new (to me) take on an old favorite–Pods with Snickers. They’re basically a thin, crunchy chocolate cookie shell with layers of milk chocolate and some form of creamy Snickers filling on the inside. I have no idea why these aren’t a thing in America, but I’ll be bringing plenty back home with me as long as I don’t die from diabetes-related complications in the next few weeks. No promises!

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