How to help: West, Texas

West, Texas: Jason Thomas sweeps up broken glass from a vacant store front in downtown West.

Jason Thomas sweeps up broken glass in downtown West. (Image from

UPDATED 11:20am 4/19

On Wednesday evening a fertilizer plant explosion devestated the small town of West, Texas. The disaster injured hundreds, and even more are without shelter or power. Authorities have confirmed fatalities, but refuse to speculate on how many lives were lost until search and rescue operations in the many damaged and collapsed structures throughout the community are complete. At a press conference Friday morning, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety announced that over 200 people are injured and 12 bodies have been recovered so far. Search and rescue and cleanup operations continue. The Waco Tribune website is an excellent local source of up-to-date information about this tragedy.

West is not asking for donations of supplies at this time, but requests donations of blood and financial support instead.   After many phone calls and a few hours of scouring the web, I’ve compiled this list of the best ways to help.

You can also offer assistance to individual survivors using these Google Documents:

  • Provide housing for individual displaced West residents through this Google Document
  • Provide individual offers of any kind of aid for West residents through this Google Document

I’ll update this post as new information becomes available, so check back later for additional ways to get involved.

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