Take a stand against gunviolence…without leaving your chair!

Now is the time to do something about gun violence

If you have a Facebook or Twitter (or both!) and you don’t like gun violence, I have some great news for you!

The Whitehouse has put out a call to action on social media, and adding your voice to a great cause has never been easier.

Here’s what they say on their blog:

In January, President Obama proposed a series of executive actions to help keep our kids and communities safe, and put forward a set of commonsense proposals for Congress to consider that can make a real difference in protecting our citizens from gun violence. But they are only going to act on them if they hear from the American people.

You can make your voice heard by joining the White House call for action on social media. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign on to share a tweet or Facebook message through our action page here:wh.gov/nowisthetime/action
  2. We’ll gather as many voices as we can, then post all the messages and tweets simultaneously for maximum impact
  3. The more people who sign up, the louder our collective voice will be, so after you sign on, encourage your friends and family to participate.

(You can read the full post here.)

Here’s how it works:

You go to the action page and click on the orange “Get Started” button.

A pre-written message will pop up and you’ll get to choose whether you post via Facebook or Twitter. Don’t worry, you can change the message later if you want to.

After you pick either Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have the option to change the status/tweet to say whatever you want. Click “Add my Support” when you’re happy  with what your post will say.

You’ll be asked to log in to your account using the Thunderclap app, which is the application the Whitehouse is using to measure how many people will see our messages and post them all when they’ll have the biggest combined impact.

After you log in, you’re done! You’ll have the option to invite other people to sign up too, which I strongly recommend. We want to make sure everyone who is supportive gets involved because the more people who are involved, the bigger our impact will be.

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