Hey, what happened to OFA?


It may seem like Organizing for America just disappeared, and for good reason–it did!

Organizing for America was a focused on supporting President Obama and Democrats up and down the ballot, but President Obama doesn’t need to be re-elected anymore, so OFA is switching gears.  This means that the OFA of 2012 and the OFA of today are technically two different organizations, even though many of the same great people behind OFA 2012 will be working on Organizing for Action.

OFA 2012 was a project of the Democratic National Committee, but Organizing for Action is a is a private, non-partisan organization funded entirely by regular people. It won’t take big checks from corporations, lobbyists, or PACs, and it can’t lobby for policy changes directly. Instead of working quietly behind closed doors on capital hill, Organizing for Action will mobilize the nation-wide grassroots network that elected the President (twice) to get common sense policy enacted. There aren’t currently any OFA staff in Texas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get involved in helping shape the national policies that will have an impact on us here at home.

Next Tuesday is a national gun violence day of action. If you have a few minutes and want to help out, call the senate switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and tell your senator that you’re a constituent supporting universal background checks. Your call won’t take long, but when millions like it flood the senate phone lines all day Tuesday I think they’ll get the message. You can also visit the OFA Gun Violence page for more about the President’s plan to reduce gun violence.

Want to learn more? Check out the official Organizing for Action Frequently Asked Questions page, watch Michelle Obama introduce the new OFA, and see what Jim Messina told CNN about the new organization.

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